iChills is a family owned and operated local business. We feel that’s it’s important to give back to our community. We live here and work here.

Here is an opportunity that iChills is offering for St. Petersburg and surrounding area schools, sports teams, churches, and non-profit organizations to raise funds.


Fundraisers – Here is how it works

1.    Let us know your fundraising objectives.

2.    Plan your event. We’ll provide you with reproducible flyers/posters to help promote your event at school.

3.    Teachers, friends, and family help spread the word and raise some funds! Proceeds go directly to your school.

4.    At iChills, present the Fundraising Night code, eat ice cream, raise funds for your school, charity, or organization.

5.    Earn 30% of the nights receipts.


Fundraising for trips, uniforms, improvements, and more.

Publicize the fundraising event on your website, through school announcements, on social media, and publishing the date on the school/organization calendar.

This donation will be in the form of a check that will be delivered to your group the same day of the fundraiser. Contact iChills to schedule your event!

Download the editable fundraising flyer here (Microsoft WORD format).


Tips for Success

  • Provide details about your iChills fundraiser in any e-newsletter you send to supporters, and include details about your fundraising goal. Sharing a specific goal will help motivate your supporters to attend.
  • Promote your fundraiser using social media.
  • Encourage your supporters to bring family and friends to the event since your donation from iChills will increase when more guests dine with us during the specified time.
  • Consider inviting a special guest, local celebrity or entertainer to be part of your fundraiser to help drive attendance.
  • Send your local newspaper the details about your fundraiser, and ask them to feature the fundraiser in their events section.

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